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Hello everyone, I do not recommend using the music from AShamaluevMusic, MUSIC4VIDEO, apparently these authors are putting copyright on their content that they published at first without copyright. Only your sponsors of this author will be able to monetize your content with this music or by purchasing a license.

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This site is for content creators.

On this page you will find free music without copyright, images and photos totally free.

If you are a content creator, we may need to find royalty free music for your videos. If you don't want to have legal copyright issues, or if your video is penalized on YouTube, it's best to always use royalty-free music.

Using background music in your videos can help you capture the attention of your audience. That's why at oroclick you'll find the best music for your videos without any problem.
Download the best music, with royalty free music.

How to use the music promoted by oroclick?

To use the music, you have to give credit to the authors of the music.

How to give credit to the author of the music?

You just have to copy the text of Track description and paste it on the platform where you are going to use them.

Example: on youtube.

You just have to paste the copied text in the description where you are going to use it.

Choose the music category: